Trouble installing License key

Markus Döhr doehrm at
Thu Nov 21 01:05:14 MET 2002

> I have trouble installing the WAS 6.10 license. I tried a 
> couple of different ways - from the GUI, using command line 
> utility. It says the license was installed successfully, but 
> when I try to logon with any ID other than sap*, it gives me 
> an error "no hw ID found". I had an old license that had 
> expired which I deleted using rpm -e option. I did this 
> before reading old postings about this problem in the mailing 
> list, which recommended using rpm -u option to upgrade the license.

Try to logon as <SID>adm and have a look to the output of

# saplicense -show

Hope this will show you what's going wrong.


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