Problem with RfcOpenEx() under Linux RFC SDK 6.20

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Wed Nov 13 16:57:22 MET 2002


I have a serious problem with the RFC Function RfcOpenEx(...) with SuSE
Linux 8.0
using the 6.20 RFC SDK.
When I'm using the RfcOpenEx(...) function, it works correct. I get the
right RFC Handle
and the following RfcCallRecieve(...) function also perfoms as desired.
But at the same time i call the RfcOpenEx(...), my Program-Stack gets
corrupt, so if I'm leaving the surrounding
Function, a segmentation fault is the result.
On the other hand, if I call the RfcOpenEx(...) function with a wrong
connection string, I get a clean error returned,
the stack is ok and my Program works on without any problem (unfortunately
without any RFC Connection ...).
The program is a Single-Thread-Implementation.
Searching the Internet I found an old mailing, which describes quite the
same error:

I suspect the reason in an incompatibility between the gnu C++ Compiler
(g++) and the RFC Library.
It doesn't matter whether i use the "librfc.a" Library or the dynamic link
version "" - the result is the same.

Is there any option to link the RFC Library in a special way?
Should I use another RFC Function to connect the R/3? (but everywhere the
RfcOpenEx() is recommended!)

Thanks for your effort!

With kind regards
Rainer Klein (IT/ORG)

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89077 Ulm

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