WAS 6.10 on Linux : Oracle installation fails

Andy.Geraerts at care4data.com Andy.Geraerts at care4data.com
Thu Nov 14 16:57:40 MET 2002

I'm trying to install WAS 6.10 on Linux (Solution Manager) :

My installation aborts at the following error :

INFO 2002-11-14 16:53:43
    Resetting the Database

ERROR 2002-11-14 16:53:43 DBRESETDATABASE_IND_ORA InternalInstallationDo:0
    /oracle/SOL/817_32/bin/svrmgrl: Cannot execute.

ERROR 2002-11-14 16:53:43 DBRESETDATABASE_IND_ORA InstallationDo:0
    Phase failed.

ERROR 2002-11-14 16:53:44 Main :0
    Installation aborted.

When I look, the svrmgrl file isn't there. I have no idea why.
Anyone alse had this problem before?



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