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Kenneth Hill kenn_hill at
Fri Nov 8 17:01:12 MET 2002

Hello Gregor and all,

This tutorial was very useful as are many other documents on SAP.

We are looking for documentation or a tutorial on how to surface
the Business Workplace (transaction SWBP) to the Web.  And
in specific, we would like to expose the list of WorkFlow items in
our users inbox on the Web.  We have brought up WAS 6.20 as
included in the BW 3 as a means to kick start a prototype project
absent the availability of SAP R3 WAS 6.20 full release which we
plan to install when it arrives, reportedly in late November.

Having the WF items appear on a frame or corner of a custom,
non-SAP Web page will drive many of our new projects.

Any suggestions?  And yes, I'm asking the same question on the
SAP-WUG listserve for Alan R. and company.

Thanks and regards,

Kenneth Hill
Linux Pioneer and WF Admin
The World Bank
(KennHill at

At 08:25 AM 08/05/2002 +0200, Wolf Gregor wrote:
>Hello Rangga,
> > On my first sight for WAS according to the name "Web
> > Application Server", is
> > accessed via Web Browser.
> > is it possible ? any note that can help me to find out this thing ?
>Try out the Web Application Tutorial at:
>best regards
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