What is "MiniWAS" ?

Thorsten Kugelberg thorsten.kugelberg at sap.com
Mon Nov 4 15:02:43 MET 2002

Volker Schnuck wrote:

>Thomas Madsen Nielsen wrote yesterday something about an WAS 6.20 version
>from Bremen TechEd. How can I get these installations? I'm very interested!
>Greetings, Volker.
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just one thing about the 6.20 Web AS Version given out by Microsoft:

It is not a complete Web AS 6.20! The main thing is missing:
It does not include the SAP J2EE Engine.

Due to this, the installation only differs a very little bit from the 
6.10 Version.

The goal of this version is (in my eyes) to present a Beta version of 
the .NET connector, which is included in the SAP System they give out.


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