AW: SAPGUI - JAVA configuration : what is the one and right way to go?

Andreas Nisse linux at
Fri Jun 29 16:58:07 MET DST 2001

> we have installed a RH7.1 and the test drive on one machine.
> To run the JavaGUI you have to create a new link to the new

yap, that's exactly what I did

- install Java which is shipped with RH7.1 (CD 3)
	rpm -i IBMJava2-JRE-1.3-7.0.i386.rpm
- install SAPGUI from
	rpm -i PlatinGUI-LinuxIntel-46Dr20.rpm
- set symolic link
	ln -s /opt/IBMJava2-13/jre/bin/java /usr7bin/jre
- start SAPGUI
	cd /opt/PlatinGUI/bin
	./guistart /H/
Just replace port number 3217 to your port number and the IP address to
your IP address of your server.

that's it


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