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Today, SuSE Linux Enterprise Server for the 32-bit architecture by Intel was
awarded the status "Generally Available for". This certification now
enables companies all over the world to utilize on SuSE Linux
Enterprise Server and take advantage of services and support from SAP AG.

With its commitment to SAP and SAP customers, SuSE continues on the route it
adopted in the enterprise segment: to expand the range of Linux-based services
and business solutions adapted to the specific requirements of professional
users on a worldwide scale.

The certification of the SuSE Linux Enterprise Server for is a
further asset in the array of services offered by SuSE. The portfolio includes
the supply and maintenance of the operating system platform as well as
customer support in the planning and implementation phase of this
mission-critical IT infrastructure. The experience with infrastructure
projects that SuSE acquired over many years provides a solid foundation for
complex integrations in heterogeneous system landscapes. The smooth
integration of security measures and backup systems in such environments
requires an integral concept from one source.

A comprehensive training program and a customized range of support services
complement the service portfolio. Apart from support services for new installations on SuSE Linux, SuSE also offers support for existing
Linux installations. For more information see

About SuSE Linux

SuSE Linux is the international technology leader and solutions provider in
Open Source operating system software. SuSE's unique expertise in Linux and
its largest development team worldwide dedicated to Open Source software has
contributed to the recognition of SuSE as the most complete Linux solution
available today. With a workforce of more than 500 people worldwide, SuSE has
offices throughout Europe, Latin America and in the US, entirely focused on
supporting the Linux community and Open Source development.

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