AW: SAPGUI - JAVA configuration : what is the one and right way t o go?

Kay Brokop KBrokop at
Fri Jun 29 08:55:06 MET DST 2001

Hello Filip,

we have installed a RH7.1 and the test drive on one machine.
To run the JavaGUI you have to create a new link to the new

To your other questions I have no expierence.


	Kay Brokop

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> Betreff:	SAPGUI - JAVA configuration : what is the one and right way
> to go?
> Hello, 
> Can somebody finally show me the way to go? 
> I have SAP testdrive installed on SUSE 7.1 succesfully, however the
> configuration of SAPGUI drives me crazy. 
> A lot of documentation is conflicting !!  I have the latest PlatinGUI and
> the old IBM java JRE 1.1.8(installed in /usr/jre).
> What do I need to configure to make it work? Invoking the startgui script
> tells me he can't find the jre.
> An important thing: I only want to use this IBM jre for the sapgui. 
> I have also installed sun's new J2SE 1.3 J2EE 1.2.1, forte and JBOSS app
> server which I'd like to continue to use for my application development.
> (they are installed in /usr/java/jdk1.3).
> What would I need to change in the PATH and CLASSPATH to make this
> configuration work?
> If somebody happens to know how I can use SAPGUI with sun's jdk, I'd be
> glad to here how to do that. I've read that PlatinGUI is not ready to work
> with
> java 1.3(don't know if it is true). If that is true, I'm willing to go
> back to java 1.2.1 if its possible then to work just with one jre.
> Thank you 1000 times in advance for any answer. 
> Sincerely 
> Filip Sergeys


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