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Thomas Fuhrmann thomas.fuhrmann at
Fri Jun 29 07:36:00 MET DST 2001

Hi, hi Markus,

we are waitung too, for APO for LINUX. CRM und BW are running.
What about the WorkplaceShell for JavaGUI? We don't have M$.
When will the 6.10 for SAP WEB Application Server available? 

Regards to all and Mr. Klar.

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Last year I asked via OSS and via mail if there will be an APO on Linux
(either the "ABAP-Part" or both ABAP and LiveCache) but I only got negative

Are there any news on this topic?

We really like to implement on Linux because we're running fine our current
installations productive (CRM/BBP). Since Kernel 2.4 doesn't have problems
with limited process local memory < 2 GB is there any chance that
APO/LINUX/32bit will be available (probably CA)? 

And what's about this:

Just curious...

Thanx for your input!

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