SAPGUI - JAVA configuration : what is the one and right way to go?

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Thu Jun 28 15:05:48 MET DST 2001


Can somebody finally show me the way to go? 

I have SAP testdrive installed on SUSE 7.1 succesfully, however the configuration of SAPGUI drives me crazy. 
A lot of documentation is conflicting !!  I have the latest PlatinGUI and the old IBM java JRE 1.1.8(installed in /usr/jre).
What do I need to configure to make it work? Invoking the startgui script tells me he can't find the jre.

An important thing: I only want to use this IBM jre for the sapgui. 
I have also installed sun's new J2SE 1.3 J2EE 1.2.1, forte and JBOSS app server which I'd like to continue to use for my application development.
(they are installed in /usr/java/jdk1.3).
What would I need to change in the PATH and CLASSPATH to make this configuration work?

If somebody happens to know how I can use SAPGUI with sun's jdk, I'd be glad to here how to do that. I've read that PlatinGUI is not ready to work with
java 1.3(don't know if it is true). If that is true, I'm willing to go back to java 1.2.1 if its possible then to work just with one jre.

Thank you 1000 times in advance for any answer. 


Filip Sergeys

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