Sun's J2SE and SAPGUI

Filip Sergeys filip.sergeys at
Wed Jun 27 16:31:55 MET DST 2001

 Wednesday 27 June 2001 13:54, you wrote:
> Filip Sergeys wrote:
> > Hello,
> >
> > I'm using Forte with J2EE-IDE for linux as a development platform, Now
> > I'd like to install SAP but it seems the SAPGUI needs ibm 1.3jre. How do
> > I combine these?
> > Can I install the additional packages from ibm for the gui on top of my
> > sun jre?
> > Can both sun's and ibm's jre run in parallel?
> Yes.

euh ... yes to both questions?

So, suppose I'd like to keep the sun jre instead of running them both in 
parallel, which packages would I need from ibm to make the SAPGUI work?
Is it sufficient to make in the <jdkx.x.x> bin directory a new directory with 
the same name as the downloaded package name to install ibm's package?




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