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that depends - if you are the responsible expert for your DB, you might
do so; but it is easy to crash a database inadvertently by dropping tables,
shutting down in the wrong way and so on, and the standard tools from SAP
try to help you in your standard tasks as much as possible:

for Oracle and Informix, you got sapdba,
and for SAPDB (7 and up) there is webdbm
(which, we all think is excellent).

For PlatinGUI, SAP uses the IBMJava JRE KIT118 (or 13, which is Java 2) -
they all can be obtained free from

(or 46Dr8)

fot both GUI versions, you need additionally IBMJava from
-> Get the devlopers Kit
(RunTime Environment  is Minimum for jre)
The download is free, after registration.

Rgds, Werner

tbarth at wrote:

> Hey Linuxers,
> we have installed SAP R/3 on Linux 6.1EE ( and the system is
> running pretty good :-)
> We also installed the C-Compiler from
> sapserv3:/general/misc/linuxlab/saptools.
> Additionaly I would like to install Java to administer my database. Will
> this be supported
> in SAP environment ?
> Thanks in advance !
> Torsten Barth
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