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Thu Jun 21 09:09:20 MET DST 2001

Dmitry Melekhov wrote:

> I think that I don't need something more that for ordinary Oracle cold
> backup. And for warm too ;). 

if you want a consistent online backup, you have to use special
backuptypes. like online_consistent in sapdba.
it does a logswitch before the start of the backup and then appends the
offline redologs written while the backup was running to the tape.

> But there is tool called brbackup (may be something like
> this) in R/3 distribution. And there are several parameters, one of them is
> writing to pipe. Is it possible to use brbackup for writing to remote tape? Is it better to
> use brbackup than Oracle tools?

sapdba is the frontend to brbackup and other tools. i think the best way
is to use it instead of the tools directly, unless you wan´t scripting.
sapdba is configured by ora<SID>.sap, including remote tape options. its
much easier that way then to put it all together on the commandline.

and yes, i would use the br tools on a r/3.

read the sap note (search for brbackup). read the r/3 administration
made easy guides, they are pretty good. have fun ;-) 

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