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On 2001-06-20T14:12:47,
   David Hull <David_Hull at> said:

> Another alternative to operating system failover would be using Oracle
> Parallel Server for failover (not load balancing).

Yes, however that doesn't help you with the SAP central instance - the
database is an important key piece, but doesn't provide you with a message and
enqueue server ;-)

> Oracle runtime license when purchased with R/3, and you can use it such that
> the app servers always hit one server unless it goes down, in which case
> they have a parameter for a designated failover server.  In this case, that
> failover server is always running Oracle, so there's no failover time
> involved, so R/3 never actually goes down in the even the primary box dies.

This is desireable, however you also have recovery times here if one server
goes down hard. (Namely the time for the clients to notice, and I am rather
sure the transactions currently open are still lost)

This should be comparable to a normal failover. (Which is also available for
SAP DB which has considerable lower cost compared to Oracle)

> We're currently testing this for our Tru64 production environment, with
> plans to go to full-blown load balancing in Oracle 9i.

Yes. I am looking forward to benchmarking SAP on 9i. We'll see whether we can
make that PrimePower database system go away from the SAP world record
benchmark ;-)

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