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Thanks to all for replies.

I forgot to say something :(
Certanly, I know about how to write to remote tape,
we use gnu tar with rsh about a year for file server backup.
btw, we use R/3 with Oracle.
I think that I don't need something more that for ordinary Oracle cold
backup. And for warm too ;). But there is tool called brbackup (may be
something like
this) in R/3 distribution. And there are several parameters, one of them is
writing to pipe.
Is it possible to use brbackup for writing to remote tape? Is it better to
use brbackup
than Oracle tools?
btw, I also need backup of R/3 on HP-UX to remote tape. Are there any
problems in
backup from HP-UX to Linux? And does Linux support tape libraries like HP
2/20 library?
Is there any software for automactic tape changing for such libraries for
HP-UX and/or Linux?

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> You can use all the nice little tools Linux has on-board:
> cpio, tar, dd, dump/restore, ... and save
> /usr/sap, /sapmnt + {/oracle|/sapdb|/informix|/db2}.

As far as I understand wants Dimitry to use the tape on a
remote system. How do you cpio to a remote tape?

IMHO this is only possible w/ 3rd party software.


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