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Hi Thomas,

PRAUSE at writes:
> <klaus.brand at> wrote:
> > Dmitry Melekhov <dm at> writes:
> >
> > > Hello!
> > >
> > > Very stupid question, imho :)
> > > Is it possible to backup R/3 without buying 3 party software to
> > > tape on remote machine?
Didn't see    ^^^^^^ :-(

> > Yes, it is!
> >
> > You can use all the nice little tools Linux has on-board:
> > cpio, tar, dd, dump/restore, ... and save
> > /usr/sap, /sapmnt + {/oracle|/sapdb|/informix|/db2}.
> As far as I understand wants Dimitry to use the tape on a
> remote system. How do you cpio to a remote tape?
> IMHO this is only possible w/ 3rd party software.

nearly all commands I mentioned can do a remote backup and restore
including "cpio" (it's GNU !). 

e.g. man cpio:
       -F, --file=archive
              Archive filename to use instead of  standard  input
              or  output.  To use a tape drive on another machine
              as the archive, use a  filename  that  starts  with
              `HOSTNAME:'.   The  hostname  can  be preceded by a
              username and an `@' to access the remote tape drive
              as that user, if you have permission to do so (typ­
              ically an entry in that user's `~/.rhosts' file).

              With -F, -I, or -O, take the archive file  name  to
              be  a local file even if it contains a colon, which
              would ordinarily indicate a remote host name.

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Klaus Brand
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