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On 2001-06-20T17:24:22,
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> >There is an agent for Oracle, SAP DB and DB2.
> Could you tell me something more about the functionallity of these agents?

They monitor the application and perform the actions requested by FailSafe.

> How does this cluster work? 

It is a "standard" failover cluster solution, with up to 8 nodes per cluster,
shared storage support (but not required), nice GUI, command line tools, huge
documentation etc.

Linux FailSafe itself and the agents which come with it are Open Source,
though setting up a useable HA system requires more than just software and
some hardware...

> Which kind of Oracle do you need? Is it Oracle Parallel server or just the
> normal server?

Normal server.

You can check out FailSafe at (the
-books RPM contains a huge amount of documentation) or

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