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> Hi Klaus,
> <klaus.brand at> wrote:
> > Dmitry Melekhov <dm at> writes:
> >
> > > Hello!
> > >
> > > Very stupid question, imho :)
> > > Is it possible to backup R/3 without buying 3 party software to
> > > tape on remote machine?
> > Yes, it is!
> >
> > You can use all the nice little tools Linux has on-board:
> > cpio, tar, dd, dump/restore, ... and save
> > /usr/sap, /sapmnt + {/oracle|/sapdb|/informix|/db2}.
> As far as I understand wants Dimitry to use the tape on a
> remote system. How do you cpio to a remote tape?
> IMHO this is only possible w/ 3rd party software.

no, not exactly. you can use the gnu remote tape server rmt and then do
it like that:

tar -cvf user at host:/dev/st0 ...

uh, you must use .rhosts for that...brr. cpio should support the same
unfortunately this is pretty slow. don´t know why. the rmt is shipped
with dump, at least on suse.

sapdba does a bit of unix-magic to accomplish remote tape backup.
something like that:

echo .tape.hdr0 | LANG = C cpio -ovcB | LANG = C rdh remotehost /bin/sh
-c "`LANG = C dd lbs=8k obs=64k of=/dev/nst0 2>&1 || echo ERR_R:\$?`"

to write the tapeheader for example. and i mean _something_ like that.
no warranty whatsoever. ask your local sapdba.

fortunately this is pretty fast. i also don´t know why, but it is ;-)

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