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Uwe Hentzschel uhe at
Wed Jun 20 18:44:23 MET DST 2001

Hi Markus!

On Wed, 20 Jun 2001, Markus Döhr wrote:

> > > How long did this migration take? Is it by doing a database 
> > > export-import?
> > We had the chance to do some test migrations in advance which 
> > helped us going around some difficulties. - The migration 
> > itself took a weekend but it might be better to take a longer 
> > one (- where you get three or four whole days) since the 
> > R3load is time consuming anyway. It's a normal heterogenous 
> > system copy method starting with a dbexport ...
> We "migrated" by using a SAPDB cold backup (NT) restoring under Linux. That
> worked very well since there's no endian conversion necessary. The DB is
> about 80 GB and restored in about 3 hours. After tweaking a little bit the
> profile parameters the system came up.

We also - Thanks to Markus :-))

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