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Frank.Schraven at Frank.Schraven at
Wed Jun 20 15:17:18 MET DST 2001

> How long did this migration take? Is it by doing a database export-import?
We had the chance to do some test migrations in advance which helped us
going around some difficulties. - The migration itself took a weekend but it
might be better to take a longer one (- where you get three or four whole days)
since the R3load is time consuming anyway. It's a normal heterogenous system
copy method starting with a dbexport ...
> We would like to set up a cluster. Anyone any idea if this is supported by
> either SAP or Linux? How many nodes?
> We have 2 buildings at both sides of the street. We would like to place a
> server on both sides of the street. This must be virtually 1 machine. If
> one goes down, the other should take over...
HP is developping / has developped HA-Solutions for Linux. For the moment I
don't know whether MC ServiceGuard is currently available for Linux. HP
Somersault should be available as I'v been told from HP.

> Thanks,
> Andy.


Frank Schraven

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