Productive SAP on Linux

Christoph Rohland linux at
Wed Jun 20 12:27:49 MET DST 2001

Hi Andy,

On Wed, 20 Jun 2001, Andy Geraerts wrote:
> 1. Anyone running SAP on Linux in a productive system? We are about
>    to buy a new server farm and are deciding to go for NT, Linux or
>    Unix. I'd prefer Linux. We are currently running 40B on NT.

Yes of course. We have published some success stories on our web site.

> 2. I installed the evaluation version of SAP on my system. Works
>    fine. But there are no business transactions possible in this
>    setup. Is there a possibility to get a version which has the
>    business transactions available?

If you are a customer your can order the full Linux version at no
additional cost.


SAP LinuxLab


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