4.6C coredump

Markus Döhr doehrm at aubi.de
Fri Jun 15 18:43:34 MET DST 2001

> Could you explain what is MDMP and how does it work (only on 
> Linux ?). As I know R/3 can work only with one codepage. 
> Sometimes we have problems with customers from baltic states, 
> which often wants to have estonian, english and russian in parallel.

MDMP is "Multi Display - Multi Processing" code page

See note 73606 for in depth information. It works on (IMHO) all supported
platforms under certain circumstances. It's not so easy to setup (we needed
a consultant of BC-ABA-NL for doing this) but it worked under Linux from the

There's also a document on
nDocument.doc that's the same as the note.

Feel free to ask if you need more information.

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