Windows SE38 connection & Linux, Basis R/3 4.6B Demo

Barker, Alan Alan.Barker at
Fri Jun 15 14:09:42 MET DST 2001

Can anyone help?
I've installed SAP R/3 Basis Demo 4.6b successfully on RH Linux 6.2. 
I can connect via network from my portable which has Windows NT & SAP GUI
/Logon 4.6b & this runs surprisingly well. 
However, if I run SE38 the screen launches but it reports "Roll area too
small" & any attempt to run anything from SE38 returns me to the top level
I can run SE38 on the server under Linux by running GUISTART so the
components needed to run it seem to be in place.
Are there any post-installation tweaks I need to do to get the Windows GUI
to work?... (my knowledge of Basis is very limited) and can anyone point me
in the direction of any good books/documentation and Tips & Hints I can play
with on my system? 

Regards & Thanks,

Alan Barker.



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