HowTo : Set the Hostname of 2nd NIC

Christof Awater christof at
Wed Jun 13 07:55:39 MET DST 2001

Nimal ABHAYA (Metrolog) wrote:
> eth0 is configured throgh adhcp server.

Don't use DHCP for a SAP-Server.

> eth1 is for my little pc-network. By default the 'hostname' command returns the hostname given by the DHCP server( the fully qualified domain name for eth0). How can I make it return the hostname of the eth1

Redhat: /etc/HOSTNAME or linuxconf
SuSE:   /etc/HOSTNAME or yast2 (network/Hostname & DHCP/"Change hostname via DHCP" off)

> (which I set as 'pc_lnx' in /etc/hosts) ? 

Don't use "_" in hostnames.

Christof Awater


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