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Tue Jun 5 17:40:22 MET DST 2001

sandro wrote:
> 3 Questions for the people at SAP:
> 1 - How crippled is the evaluation version for WAS on the CEBIT 2001
> CDROM?  For example it seems that ABAP/4 keyword documentation is
> missing.  Can this be fixed by importing from another installation?
This is a technology testdrive. It gives you the choice to test the
next generation technology at a very early stage. There are of course 
things missing (e.g. some parts of documention).

> 2 - Is it possible to import a client from another version of SAP into
> the WAS instance?  So that I can use my test data from work and have
> material to play around with.
In general, no. This is only a basis system that not contains all 
necessary tables for your application data.

> 3 - And last but not least.  Is there an archive for this list so that
> I can search for answers before posting questions I believe were
> answered before?
There will be an archive in the near future. We planning to upgrade 
the current listserver and to install some kind of archive.

> Thanks all,
> Sandro Giometti

Best regards,
Jan Schreckenbach



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