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Stephane Moser stephane at
Sat Jun 2 08:34:59 MET DST 2001


Since February one of our Application-Servers is running under Linux.  All 
other SAP-Servers are currently running under Unix True64 from Compaq. Until 
now we are really happy with our decision to try Linux as Application-Server. 

So I would like to convince other people in my company that Linux is the 
right choice for all new upcoming Application-Servers. It's why I'm writing a 
little report about our experience with our Linux-Server.

What I need now it's to compare our Linux-Server with an Application-Server 
running under Unix.

What points, objects, report, transaction, would you advice to me to put in 
my report?

Any other idea are welcome.

In advance thanks for your help

Stéphane Moser


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