how to increase table-spaces on WAS/db2

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Hi all,
in standard R/3 installations using db2 v6 we use the standard SQL
"alter tablespace PSAPXXXXX add (FILE
'/db2/<SID>/sapdataX/PSAPXXXXX.container00X' XXm )"
I still haven't installed the demo version of WAS with DB2 but I think this
must work.

As user db2<SID> run "db2" to enter in the command line, with this SQL
statement you add
a new file( in DB2 called container)  to a tablespace, the file is
"PSAPXXXXX.container00X" and you must substitute
the "X" for the next secuence number.

You can create a simple script to add containers:  (this is an example)

db2 connect to <SID>
db2 "alter tablespace PSAPSTABD add (FILE
'/db2/<SID>/sapdata1/PSAPSTABD.container002' 500m )"
db2 connect reset

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Hi Sandro,

I've had the same problem. I didn't use SGEN, but after the system had
compiled a couple of programms I got sql error -289 when calling a new,
uncompiled programm.
The discription of the error message can be found in Message Reference
2 (db2m2e70.pdf on cd 1 /doku/ibm), Chapter 2, Page 47.
To find out the tablespace that is to be extended sign on as user db2si1.
Then call

db2 "list tablespaces show detail" > list1.txt

You have to include all hyphens (and brakets in the next command). After
you'll find  detailed informations about the current tablespaces in the
list1.txt. Try to find the tablespace where usable pages equal to used
In my case it was SI1#EL610D. You can find the discription of the command
the Command Reference db2n0e70.pdf in page 360 ff. To extend the space I

db2 "alter tablespace SI1#EL610D extend (all 100m)"

This command is explained in the Administration Guide: Implementation,
Chapter 4, page 176 (db2d2e70.pdf). I didn't call SGEN yet, so I'm not
that the 100m are enough, but I (or better the SAP runtime) compiled a lot
programms and the error didn't occur any more.

I hope this will solve your problem, too.



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