Beta-Test Internet Transaction Server on Linux

Andreas Hahn linux at
Mon Aug 5 16:36:01 MET DST 2002


it is now six weeks later than we expected, but unfortunately we had 
some problems with the installation procedure of the ITS software. 
Thanks to all testers of the closed beta phase, these problems are now 
solved. So we are glad to imform you today that the ITS on Linux is now 
available for public beta testing.

We have integrated the beta test into the standard software distribution 
process. Therefore, you will have to log into the SAP service 
marketplace under the alias sap-its:

The beta version is labled 'ITS 6.20 Compilation 2' and can be ordered 
by filling out a small qustionaire. Please use the navigation on the 
right hand side.

Thank you once more for your great support!

Best regards,
Andreas Hahn
LinuxLab & Unix Platforms, SAP AG Walldorf
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